Discover the Joy of Motherhood Together! 


Established in 2016, the CATCH Mission is to look for ways to celebrate our women & mums by giving you an opportunity to kick back and feel good, while their kids play in a safe and loving space. Our focus is to bring a sense of balance into everyone’s busy lives. 

The CATCH Community is made up of mothers and fathers who put their family first, and care about giving their children the quality time and stimulation they need to flourish and grow.

CATCH Community Parent

Are you a catch parent?

Our focus is to bring a sense of balance into everyone’s busy lives.

Mothers, and Fathers - are you looking for something different to do with your kids? We bring  fun and educational schools, play clubs and family friendly spaces to you so that you can cherished your time with  your children. Our events are fun, inclusive, social and a special time for you and your family.

Find out more about CATCH Pamper & Playdate, CATCH Talks, CATCH Workshops and more, as well as all our past and upcoming events below.

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are you a business?  

If you’re a business serving families, you’ve come to the right place.

We connect early childhood education providers, schools, family clubs, malls, restaurants and home-grown brands to our CATCH families around Hong Kong. We work with you to design thoughtful, out-of-the-box solutions and events to help maximise your space & resources. We create a “shared time” that is fun, safe and memorable - benefitting every member of the family.

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