In 2016, we launched CATCH. We knew we wanted to address today’s changing social and family demands. We had many conversations when we started; learning from other entrepreneurs, their struggles, their work ethics, their paths. Many of these entrepreneurs were parents and we found they struggled to find a balance of life. We, ourselves, left our corporate jobs precisely for this reason. At what point did we lose our balance? We knew what we wanted to create.

So, our journey began. We trialled our concept with CATCH Pamper & Playdate. We partnered with media, home-grown businesses, restaurants and malls, among others, to bring Hong Kong parents a synthetic, multi-fabric experience to enjoy their children’s early childhood, all while retaining their own identity.

And gradually, our community grew.

We resonate with our community; we focus our time and energy to nurture and connect with our mothers and fathers, with the ultimate goal to always provide our community with a rich, fulfilling CATCH experience.

We love hearing from you! Share your thoughts and comments: catch@catchapp.com.hk

Sincerely yours,

Tina & Bonita 

CATCH Cofounders