Connecting your Business with our Families.

We connect early childhood education providers, schools, family clubs, malls, restaurants and home-grown brands to our CATCH families around Hong Kong. We work with you to design thoughtful, out-of-the-box solutions and events to help maximise your space & resources. We create a “shared time” that is fun, safe and memorable - benefitting every member of the family.

We care about your business. Together, we work to encourage a more inclusive, family-friendly environment in the social space and office space -  to bring back the human connection, create balance, and upgrade your stakeholders’ lives.

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We at CATCH, believe that we are the first mover in the market to consistently and regularly provide innovative, balanced and inclusive family solutions to the Hong Kong community.  

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Invest time in being more present. Let us help your business by planning fun, out-of-the-box events and recreate your space like you have never seen before. Plus we’ll connect you with our CATCH families around Hong Kong to create a “shared time” that is fun, safe and memorable.


Want expert advice in planning family events? Need a child-focused opinion in setting up your family restaurant? We have worked with restaurants, clubs, malls, schools and open spaces to create child-proof, family focused events from 20 up to 500 people. Reach out to us and let us work with you on your next venture!

Are you looking to grow your exposure and increase engagement among Hong Kong’s community of families and parents? Tell us about your business - we love sharing interesting information to our family community and help you grow!


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As a catch client, let us help you... 

  • immediate exposure to the niche market of busy mothers and parents - our existing and growing CATCH Community
  • minimal investment while CATCH plans and executes your marketing plan
  • co-market your brand and increase your social media reach
  • execute social media campaigns
  • bring in foot traffic and maximise your properties and/or services during low-peak hours
  • maximise revenue on available space and/or services

Who we work with and help... 

  • Early childhood education providers
  • Schools
  • Family Clubs 
  • Property developers
  • Wellness businesses (e.g. F&B, Spa, Gyms)
  • Home-grown businesses and vendors

Why CATCH & Why Now...

  • The need for affordable childcare is universal!
  • Globally, women on average undertake 75% of the childcare responsibilities
  • he cost of childcare or preschool for a two-year old is at about ¼ of an average worker’s wage
  • People care more about their well-being, and mothers are moving away from the traditional corporate setting to more flexible environments like entrepreneurship and part-time work
  • Talent retention among mothers is becoming an increasingly important conversation among companies - CATCH can help your company attract female talent by creating and offering inclusive family events for your employees
  • Research and observations show that families are moving towards more balanced, fluid roles versus the traditional gender roles. Hong Kong is still a nascent market compared to countries like Australia and the UK where companies begin to tackle, and amend their business models and office/communal space to meet the changing demands of these young families
  • Women are partaking in multiple roles in society, and look for businesses and spaces to cater to their modern identities, responsibilities and consumption demands