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Sassy Mama, 1st March 2018 - 

Family Workshops, Talks & Playdates for the Whole Family at CATCH
Looking for a great community that shuns judgment and guilt? CATCH is the place for you! Known for its amazing Pamper & Playdates, CATCH is now launching its incredible Talks and Workshops designed specifically for busy mums and dads. Because, who doesn’t love a good spa treatment or sip of wine while hanging out with friends and their kids? ... CONTINUE READING



Wandersnap, 23rd October 2017 -
After you’ve finished reading this piece, you’d wonder why Marvel hasn’t released a SuperMom action figure yet…

Mothers are so incredibly precious, and in so many ways. They are givers of life. They are selfless bearers of happiness for everyone around them. They will feed their baby with one hand, a rescue pet cat with the other and still do it with a smile. In most families, mothers are the glue that keep everyone together. It’s never easy being a mom trying to juggle a full-time job with a family life.

As a tribute to legendary women across the continent, we have spoken to Asia’s most influential and hardworking mothers who aren’t just killing it at being a parent, but also are motivated enough to chase after their professional dreams... CONTINUE READING



Witty Bear, 20th October 2017 - 
There I was, out in Repulse Bay seated at a restaurant waiting for my nephew to arrive. This wasn’t like any other day. Today was the first time I was taking my 4-year-old nephew to an event, alone, with no adult supervision but mine.

All the worst possible “what ifs” scenarios started playing in my head and as soon as I started to get sweaty palms. There he was, running towards me with arms wide open and pure utter excitement. The instant I embraced his tiny little body, I knew we were going to have an awesome time and all the silly scenarios I played in my head disappeared... CONTINUE READING



The Neon Life Society, 17th August 2017 -  
The last time I spoke to Bonita was 3 years ago when she was in a job she didn’t love, pregnant and unsure of her next career steps. Fast forward to today, she’s since quit her successful 13 year career in journalism and finance (just earlier this year) and has gone full time in her own wellness and education company CATCH with her friend and business partner all whilst being a mum to her almost 2 year old son.

We all have our fears around pursuing our dreams and leaving behind the stability of a path that makes sense on paper... CONTINUE READING



Sassy Mama, 8th August 2017 - 
Our next mama meet up is finally here! This August, we’re partnering with CATCH for an event like no other…

To get the party started, Annabel Karmel herself will be in Hong Kong for a meet and greet session, whilst talking about “How to make mealtimes healthy and fun for babies and children”. This renowned chef and cookbook author is a family favourite for good reason, and she’s here to explain just how easy it is to prepare nutritious homemade meals for our little ones. The 25 minute talk will be followed by a 20 minute Q&A session, so we’ll leave with all those niggling worries solved!... CONTINUE READING



Sassy Mama, 24th May 2017  - 
We say pampering does not stop simply because Mother’s Day has passed! Join CATCH at their Pamper & Playdate where mamas will enjoy massages from GAO’s Foot Massage while their one to four year olds immerse themselves in interactive playtime with trained early childhood professionals. It also promises complimentary rosé and bubbles by Golden Gate Wine, and canapés by Jamie’s Deli. Fun-filled playdate, massage, drinks and nibbles all under the same roof – what are you waiting for, mamas?... CONTINUE READING