Our focus is to bring a sense of balance into everyone’s busy lives. We bring  fun and educational schools, play clubs and family friendly spaces to you so that you can cherished your time with  your children. Our events are fun, inclusive, social and a special time for you and your family.


CATCH Pamper & Playdate 

CATCH Pamper & Playdate Highgate Yoga

Highgate house school x catch 

CATCH Pamper & Playdate at Highgate at The Peak
Wednesday, 15th Aug at 3:00-5:30pm

Highgate House School, 100 Peak Road, The Peak, HK
HK$350 per adult & child | HK$400 per adult & 2 children | Ideal age: 1-6 yrs

Join us this summer at Highgate House School at The Peak. You, Mama, 
enjoy a relaxing one-on-one yoga therapy session with Inspire Yoga, who
will guide you through breathing techniques, postural alignment, targeted
stretching to help relieve your aching muscles, and assist you in bringing awareness to your movements.

Better yet, your little ones join Highgate’s famous planting workshop. And there's more! Highgate will open up their beautiful rooftop garden surrounded by plants everywhere. And finally, we’ll round off the afternoon with a special Highgate puppet show.


CATCH Talk x June at Maggie & Rose - Pathways between Food and Health

June x catch 


Present a Talk on "Equipping Your Family: Food Knowledge For Lifelong Health" 
Maggie & Rose, The Pulse, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

This summer we've partnered with JUNE, Hong Kong’s newest online family e-commerce platform, to present Sheila Claudi-Partrat, Founder and Managing Director of Protelicious, entrepreneur and co-authored the section on "The Pathways between Food and Health" to discuss how to equip your family with food knowledge for lifelong health. As a speaker, her focus is to empower the audience with evidence-based ways to simplify the complex food scene, conveying what to embrace, what to avoid, and what not to worry about.

The talk will start and end with a powerful and relaxing breathing exercise!



guest speaker at ubs  

June 2018  

UBS employee only event

One of our cofounders, Bonita Choi O'Neill will talk about her experience of motherhood both in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur. She discusses how embracing your motherhood makes you a better employee and business person. She raises the notion of how society often focuses on one segment of a woman’s identity, separating the parent “me” from the career/business “me”. Bonita will talk about how important it is to provide parents with a support network: her mission is to not only encourage a nurturing environment for new mothers, but to also invite others to join her in this social shift.

Although the event is closed to UBS employees only, but we'll be sharing snippets of the talk to our website. Email us at, if you're interested to learn more about the topic.